my life not yours... stop act like you know me...

my life not yours... stop act like you know me...
wait until you walk in my shoes... only then you will know how it feels to be me...


Sunday, 18 January 2015

lagu : I will show you (ekstrak lagu Ailee)

You're probably wearing,
the clothes I picked for you,
You probably put on,
the cologne I bought you,
And right now,
you're probably with her and laughing,
Did you like her that much
that you had to leave me...?
How much more do I have to be better...?
No matter how much I try to erase you,
We spent so many days together,
The past are so regrettable
that tears keep flowing but...

I will show you a completed changed me,
I will show you a way prettier me,
I don't wanna cry,
Like a fool over love,
Over you who left,
I will meet better guy and,
I will show you for sure,
A me who is happier than you,
I won't be sad without you,
I won't break down,
Boy you gotta be aware,

I neatly change my style and,
carefully erase my make-up,
With my high heels and long shirt,
Everyone turns to look at me,
If I ever run into you,
I will give a dazzling smile,
Pass by your surprised face,
And click clack go on my way,

I will throw away the car key you gave me,
I will erase all texts you wrote me,
Without lingering attachment,
Without regret,
I'll forget you,
I wanna forget you,
I wanna erase you,


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